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An excerpt out of Tom Rath’s book, Eat Move Sleep.

“Reading a nutritional label and focusing on calories alone will lead you astray. While 9% of people read nutritional labels regularly, just 1% read beyond the headline of total calories.

Most people eat more carbohydrates than they need and don’t get enough protein. Large scale studies, show that even modest increases in protein intake, coupled with a reduction in carbohydrates helps us to be healthier. If you look at the nutritional label on most packaged foods, you will notice that the total grams of carbohydrates outnumber the grams of protein in a serving. In most cases the carbs greatly outweigh the protein, by 10:1 of higher.

Instead of focusing on total calories, another simple way to screen all the options you see in a day, is to look at the ratio of carbs to protein. Set a goal of eating foods that have a ratio of one gram of carbs for every one gram of protein. At a minimum avoid foods with a ratio higher than 5:1 carbs to protein. Most snack chips and cereals have a 10:1 ratio.

Maintain a better balance of carbs to protein will give you additional energy while improving your health in the long run. Using this 1:1 ratio may not be the perfect metric for evaluating food, but it is a descent shortcut to ensure that you are not overloading on carbs.”

Proper Snacks ratios are less than 3:1, a healthier convenient alternative for the whole family.


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