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The mass chain stores have known for a while, that you buy what you see first. They know that there is a higher percentage of you purchasing the items at eye level compared to items placed on the bottom shelves, this is called product placement.

So, why not use this knowledge to your benefit at home?

Healthy items such as vegetables and fruits are normally kept in the bottom drawer of the refrigerator, hidden away from sight. So you won’t think to eat what you don’t see. Have a good look inside your refrigerator and see if you can make some small changes that will put the healthy produce at first sight.

This goes for the pantry as well. Most unhealthy snacks, like chips and cookies, land up on the eye level shelf. This is the first thing you see and most likely the first thing to grab at when you’re hungry. Place your healthier snacks like nuts, seeds and superfoods at eye level and place the high carb snacks on the bottom or top shelves.

Foods on table tops are also important. Make sure you replace all sweets with fresh fruits like oranges, apples and banana’s.

Tell us what you’ve changed in your home.


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