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Wikipedia defines it as “a package of retail products sent directly to a customer on a recurring basis.”

Proper Snacks’ ‘retail product’ is healthy snacks in conveniently sized 30g biodegradable packets. Perfect for your child’s lunchbox or a quick work snack. Our customers subscribe online and we automatically debit their account and deliver a box each month. The subscription is on a month to month basis and subscribers can cancel at anytime. We add a new snack each month to surprise and delight our customers. Boxes can be customized to your requirements.

So WHAT are the benefits of receiving a box of healthy pocket-size snacks each month?
Here are several reasons why you should choose our subscription box…

Proper Snacks subscription healthy snacksDiscover something new with NO risk. Your first box has a 100% money-back guarantee. This means, you can try our snacks and if you don’t like them ask for a full refund, no questions asked. All your details are kept safe and secure.

Proper Snacks subscription healthy snacks
Currently, our prices are cheaper than most stores offering 30g packets. And they use cheap nuts like peanuts to fill their ‘mixed nuts’ packets. As our community of ‘Proper Snackers’ grows we can use this leverage to keep prices low. Also our prices won’t change from day to day. If we are forced to increase our prices we will let you know a month in advance.

Proper Snacks subscription healthy snacks save timeNo need for traveling to the store, choosing your nuts and dried fruit (if you’re like me you may even forget the items you actually went for), put it in a trolley, take it out the trolley, pay for it, put it in a bag, put it in your car boot, drive home, take it out the boot OKAY OKAY you get the picture…
With Proper Snacks you order once online and let us do the rest. Obviously you can login at any time and change your preferences, no need to wait for the store to open.

Proper Snacks subscription healthy snacks
Nuts and dried fruit should be a part of everybody’s daily diet. We made it easier to stick to this diet by pre-packing Proper Snacks into 30g packets. 30grams is basically a handful. It is recommended to have a handful of nuts every day. The problem with buying bulk (1kg bags) is that most people tend to over eat. So a bag that should last a month may only last the weekend. So even though it may be cheaper per bag, you tend to spend more than is necessary. Does that make sense? Then GET STARTED NOW…


Proper Snacks subscription healthy snacksSo, we’ve touched on this before in our blog Empty Stomach Bad Choices. But here’s a quick summary. When your stomach is empty it tells your brain you are hungry. This hunger signal manipulates your brain to identify and consume higher calorie foods (filled with sugars and fats) rather than healthier foods. So next time you get hunger pains make sure you have access to a ‘Proper Snack’ nearby, like in your pocket, lunchbox, handbag, work desk, car etc. And that’s why you should subscribe, so we can ship a box each month, so you’re not tempted to make unhealthy choices. GET STARTED NOW…

Proper Snacks subscription healthy snacks
In the traditional distribution model the grower sells to the processor, who sells to the wholesaler, who sells to the retailer, and you the consumer buys it from the retailer.
In our model we grow and process certain nuts and buy the rest of the nuts and dried fruits (because our climate doesn’t allow to grow all fruits and nuts) from other growers and wholesalers. We then deliver the product directly to our subscribers’ homes or work places, cutting out the wholesalers and retailers.
The main difference between these two models is the wholesalers and retailers don’t know how much stock they will sell today or tomorrow or the next day. So they need to mass produce and keep stock on their shelves. Stock may stand for months on shelves. So you may be eating nuts that were taken out of their shells 6 months ago and that’s why they don’t taste as fresh as our nuts (LOL, I couldn’t resist). We, on the other hand, know how many boxes go out each month and process accordingly. So you will receive fresh nuts that have been taken out of their shell a few weeks before. So why not subscribe and see for yourself? GET STARTED NOW…

Proper Snacks subscription healthy snacks
Discover new combinations of nuts and dried fruit mixes that you won’t find anywhere else. We’re continuously adding new healthy snack packs to our range. We’re sure you will be surprised and delighted every time you receive your monthly box. What are you waiting for? GET STARTED NOW…


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