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Say “cleanse” to some people, and they might instantly get worried that they’re going to have to go three days, five days, or even a whole week without eating a single thing. For many cleanses, they’d be right: Some of these diet fads make people subsist on little more than flavored water.

But that’s not the case with a soup cleanse. Think about it: Filling soup, created to match the season (hot or cold) and filled with essential nourishment that also helps you reset eating patterns and get back on track.

That sounds delightful, doesn’t it?

What’s nice about soup is that you can also use it to lower things like sodium or increase your intake of fiber or protein. Eating just soup for a set number of days is one way to start paying attention, again, to what you’re eating.
Ready to start mixing up some soup—and eating better, too?
This graphic can help…

Soup up Your Lifestyle with a Soup Cleanse



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