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After investigating a number of snack bars, it turns out that there aren’t that many healthy options. The trouble is, to make the healthy contents of the bars stick together and give it a crunch they need to add sugar. Whether it’s honey, agave nectar, organic brown sugar, fructose, glucose syrup, etc. sugar is still sugar. Certain bars had more than 5 teaspoons of sugar per bar.

So next time you throw a box of snack bars into the shopping trolley check the ingredients first.
Try to select snacks with:

  1. 600 to 850kJ of energy,

  2. at least 2-3grams of natural fibre per serving,

  3. at least 3-7grams of protein per serving,

  4. at least 10-20grams of unsaturated fats and,

  5. sugar from natural sources like dried fruit. And please stay away from snacks with the first ingredient being sugar. The order of the ingredients is usually in order of quantity.

Some healthier snacking alternatives:

  1. greek yoghurt with berries and almonds

  2. bowl of high fibre cereal and a fruit

  3. diced veggies and hummus

  4. cheese and fruit

  5. Proper Snacks ????Energy BITES
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