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While most shoppers will check the price to compare the best deals, how many turn the product around and read the label?

According to a study done by the South African Journal of Clinical Nutrition (SAJCN); “Seventy-five per cent reported reading the food labels prior to selecting food. However, this study found that nutrition knowledge had a low to average impact on consumers’ food choices. Half of the consumers who reported reading the food labels did not do so regularly.”

Here is a simple guide to follow when reading product labels:

  1. Start with the ingredients

    Products are listed in order of descending weight. So if the second ingredient is sugar, you should probably put down that “health bar”.
    Look for the Allergens disclaimer. Common allergens such as eggs, cow’s milk, gluten and peanuts must be listed on the label. Uncommon allergens may not be displayed but you have the right to contact the manufacturer and ask for uncommon allergens, which they must disclose under law.
  2. Move on to the nutritional analysis
    Nutritional Information

    The nutrient table is broken down into energy, macro-nutrients (carbs, protein and fat), fibre and micro-nutrients (like sodium, vitamins & minerals etc.).
    A table will contain information per serving size or serving size and information per 100g.
    100g is used to easily compare different products because serving sizes may vary.
    Although, some products claim to be “sugar free”, it’s still good to check the energy value because they may have been replaced with saturated fats and sweeteners.
  3. Here is a handy table explaining the claims on product labels

We hope this shines some light on the matter, and help you live a little happier & healthier!
If you ever have any label questions about our Proper Snacks, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Feel free to add your comments below, we love hearing from our customers 🙂


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