Mixed Nuts Once Off




Each plan has a number of baskets. Inside each basket you will have the option to receive either 20 nutritious 30 gram mixed nuts & dried fruit snack packs OR 16 healthy 38 gram nut bars called energy bites, delivered FREE of charge, to your door or workplace.

Choose a package that best suits your lifestyle. 

Once you’ve signed up, completed your details and the payment process, you will be redirected to your dashboard. Inside your dashboard there will be a link to ‘Customise Your Order’. You will have full control of what snacks you receive.

Happy Snacking…

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Package Size

R299 (1 Basket, 600g), R519 (2 Baskets, 1.2Kg), R719 (3 Baskets, 1.8Kg), R959 (4 Baskets, 2.4Kg)


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