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Every parent knows how important vegetables are in their child’s daily diet.

But, according to the US Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, between 2007-2010, 93% of children didn’t eat enough vegetables. The reason is obvious, veggies taste BLAND!

So here’s a tip from a mother who enticed her children to eat more vegetables.

“I sprinkled a teaspoon of sugar over each child’s plate of vegetables. And every two weeks I would slightly decrease the amount of sugar until 5 months later they were eating just veggies. Till this day my children insist on eating a vegetable with each meal.” – Elize P.

So, some of you may be shocked or outraged!
‘We’re trying to wean our children off sugar, now we have to use it to get them to eat more vegetables?’

We’re not gonna ‘sugar coat’ this so YES!
This may not work for every situation and we believe you will need to be extremely disciplined to control the sugar amounts. But, if you’re persistent and determined, your hard work may pay off and your children may learn to eat more vegetables and love it!

Tell us if you found this useful. Or let us know if you have a different method to entice your children to eat more vegetables.


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