Health Conscious Food

Health Conscious Food? What, why and how…

“Through a nurture of becoming health-wise, nutritious snacks could become part of our Kids’ values.”

While Health is a word we hear often, it is rarely a value all of us live by.

Society’s perspective on Health Conscious Food.

We live in an ‘easy’ society: Industries have to cater for clients who demand exactly what they want, NOW. Quick fixes, online business, online education, online games instead of playing tag in the park – that is the thrill of the age we live in.

The down-side is that people will also settle for what is easily obtainable. They won’t wait or labour for a better quality option. Case in point: Fast Food. Why wait or slave away, when all I want is a phone-call away? As stated by K Pattison, “food is portrayed not as nourishment for the body, but rather as a novel entertainment or a fattening enemy.”

Knowledge about Healthy living and Health Conscious Food increases, but people don’t live healthier lives. Unhealthy living still steals lives:

  • The WHO formally recognised obesity as a global epidemic (1997) –
  • According to Health Data a 1/3 of the world’s population is obese
  • No country has reduced their obesity rates in 33 years
  • In Jan 2015 Daily Mail published an article where South Africa ranks amongst countries which has the highest Obesity rates in the world (40%+)

Poorer countries suffer under our negligence, as stated by the World Health Organisation. The WHO attempts to influence the quality of health of children worldwide: “Despite the strength of the evidence for the greater effectiveness of investing in the early years, the response in terms of investments, has been slow…’

Are these the habits and values that we want our next generation to live by? The value we choose will determine our actions.

Should we not make it a priority to redirect them?

Does it seem too daunting a task?

The future up close and personal

Let’s zoom in and just focus on our immediate surroundings – you, me and our families.

A family’s approach (parents’ values) to health has immense influence in the following ways:

  • It determines an individual’s (a child’s) quality of health across its lifespan
  • It determines the quality of health of the society of the future.

Incorporating healthy food and snacks for kids should become part of a normal routine. It can become a lifestyle instead of a punishment. It can become an instilled value, instead of a constant sacrifice.

The answer awaits.

The reality is that it doesn’t have to be such a tall order as we deem it to be. Introducing new ingredients and healthy snack ideas into your daily routine with your family can be painless and quick. We just have to look beyond our current taste-comfort-zone – AND THEY ARE NOT NECESSARILY MORE EXPENSIVE!

There are more (and tastier) options out there. To get your creative juices (pun intended) running in becoming more knowledgeable on Health Conscious Food, look at these suggested alternatives to some of our favourite foods.

Normally Alternative
Pasta Chicken Soup
Sugary Snacks Trail mix
Fast Food Breakfast Hard boiled egg
Meat Eggplant… Yes… eggplant!
Unhealthy snacks Rice cakes: plain or flavoured
Tortilla Lettuce
Beef Turkey
Hot dog Chicken Sausage
Fried food Baked food
Popcorn Popcorn (Air-popped)
Pasta Zucchini
White rice Brown rice


Pressed for time, or still want the easy way out?

Fear not: even fresh produce and health items are just a phone call away. Using the web, you are sure to find stores that will deliver all kinds of Health Conscious Food.

Proper Snacks on the front line of better Snack ideas.

For all these reasons mentioned, it is the vision of Proper Snacks to supply families with healthy alternatives and educating on Health Conscious Food. It is also devised around assisting busy lifestyles: Their system delivers healthy nuts and snacks straight to your door.

Now there is no excuse for not having new-trition in your vocabulary!

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