Proper Snacks Happier Healthier Greener Snacks

Our snacks are environmentally friendly because everything we do we make sure it’s good for people and the planet.

We use food packaging made from 100% plant materials. These raw materials are natural, non-toxic, annually renewable, sustainable and compostable.

So when you’re done munching on our healthy snacks, the packaging will decompose within 4-6 months. Whether it lands on your compost heap or on a landfill. No harm comes to our precious earth unlike plastic.

What are bioplastics?

Proper Snacks Happier Healthier Greener Snacks South Africa

Bioplastic is plastic, but made from plant sources such as hemp oil, soy bean oil and corn starch. It looks like conventional (petroleum based) plastic but the big difference is that bioplastic is made from annually renewable resources while petroleum based plastic is made from non-renewable resources.

  • Most bioplastics are made from industrial grade corn. It does not compete as a food source and is sustainable & renewable. Corn regrows in a year.

  • Manufacturing bioplastics produces significantly less greenhouse gasses and uses less non renewable energy than conventional plastics.

  • Growing plants is better for the environment than drilling for oil.

  • They are non- toxic: no harmful toxins will leak into the food

  • Plant based plastics are compostable. Best case scenario it ends in a well maintained (or commercial) compost facility where it composts, and is used to feed the soil and grow more plants.

  • They are biodegradable. Bioplastic will biodegrade if it is exposed to bacteria, moisture and heat. Optimum conditions will enable this to happen in 4 to 6 months – like all your other green waste. It is unlikely that these optimum conditions will be found in landfills – so it will take longer to break down. This is why composting of all your green waste is the way to go.

Let us know if you have any further questions, we would love to help and make South Africa a greener place to live.

Proper Snacks Happier Healthier Greener Snacks


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