Trying to pursue many different directions at once, but not making progress?

Frustrated that the world wants you to pick one thing, because you want to do them all?
The problem is you’re thinking short-term – acting as if you don’t do them all this week, they won’t happen.
The solution is to think long-term. Do just one for a few years, then another for a few years, then another.
You may have heard this story:
Buridan’s donkey is standing halfway between a pile of hay and a bucket of water. It keeps looking left and right, trying to decide between hay and water. Unable to decide, it eventually falls over and dies of hunger and thirst.
A donkey can’t think of the future. If he could, he’d clearly realize he could first drink the water, then go eat the hay.

Don’t be a donkey.

You can do everything you want to do.
You just need foresight and patience.

What’s this got to do with snacks? Nothing other than our philosophy of living Happier, Healthier, Greener. I’m the biggest culprit of trying to do too many things at once instead of focusing on one thing at a time. Buridan’s donkey helps me realise the errors in my ways and put me back on track.

Big thanks to Derek Sivers for the story;


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