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Weight loss was once about restrictive portions, starvation periods and swinging moods. That was back in the day when science had not caught up to nutrition just yet. These days, studies are emerging from all over the world directing us on how best to lose weight.

A significant portion of these studies involve the ‘low carb diet’ that has been become popular. Plans like The Dukan Diet, The Mediterranean Diet and The Paleo Diet have led to a weight loss revolution. The question is, is there real science to back up these fat burning claims? Let’s investigate.

#1: Less Fat Circulating In Your Blood Over Time

Harvard School of Public Health recently found that low carbs are highly beneficial for lowering triglycerides in the long term. These are the fat carrying particles in your blood. Weight loss is pointless if it does not last. Good thing the findings revealed that not only does this diet help people maintain their loss, but it happens quicker than other diets.

#2: Improves Your Glycaemic Control

Sugar is the natural enemy of weight loss. It causes fat gain by feeding your body more energy than it can burn. The results are high blood sugar, high blood pressure and constant hunger. The low carb diet on the other hand has been proven to significantly lower and stabilize blood sugar. Perfect for people wanting to reverse prediabetes, or manage diabetes well.

#3: The Diet Cures Metabolic Syndrome

South Africa is the third most obese nation in the world, with 80% of all people living with Metabolic Syndrome, another debilitating enemy of healthy weight loss. Like the vegan diet, evidence exists that low carb reverses metabolic syndrome which drastically lowers your disease risks that often cause long term weight gain and ill health.

#4: Water Weight Vanishes For Rapid Fat Loss

Need to lose 1-3 kilos? Weight loss is easy when low carb helps you lose water weight super-fast. It does this thanks to the body’s insulin and glycogen responses. Basically, when your insulin is low your kidneys get rid of sodium, which lowers blood pressure and water storage. Glycogen uses water to store carbs in the body too, so when it is lowered water weight decreases.

#5: Gives You a Ketogenic Metabolism

Weight loss when you are starving is very hard. When you choose low carb, high fat diets you adopt a new kind of metabolism. In ketosis you are in a constant fat-burning state, burning it for fuel. Much like in a vegan diet, when you burn fat instead of sugar for energy you stay satiated for longer. You avoid those hunger pains that come from sugar overdose and rising leptin and insulin levels.

If you want to get serious about weight loss, then consider that science supports the ‘low carb’ revolution as the fast, most direct way to get there. Foods high in fat and low in carbs will improve your health, lower your disease risk, give you more energy and will ward off hunger pain.


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